Insane Bill what to do?

So I live in a student house of 5 and our most recent bill for the period of 24th November - 24th December was 210 pounds. It is absolutely ridiculous and completely impossible. There have only been 4 of us living in the house since one of the housemates dropped out of Uni. On top of that We all went back home for end of term on the 11th of December and all heating, electricity has been turned off. How is that even possible that we have managed to acrue a bill that high?!?

Will bulb look into it and possibly even refund us, not happy at all that. We started off being charged 136 but slowly its kept creeping up to the point this is ridiculous.

Is it an estimated bill? Was anyone able to visit the property to take a meter reading in December?

You’re getting off easy, ours this month was also £210 for our house. Imagine my shock after the bill last month for £290 even though we were away for two weekends. This was a £210 bill after last months so understandably I’ve been turning off every damn light in the house when there’s been nobody in the room and the heatings been off earlier and on later. Tried to contact bulb 5 times and had no response so I hope you have better luck than me

You can make adjustments of the direct debit amount on the bulb account yourself within certain limits. You should also be submitting monthly (or at least once every 3 months) meter readings so that Bulb can produce accurate bills.

I suspect it was an estimated bill, what im confused about is how it was so high? will it be rectified by the next bill when I get back to uni and can submit another reading? Because no one was in the house from the 11th of December onwards, with all heating and sockets and lights turned off?

You can submit meter readings weekly if you wanted to. It’ll get fixed on future bills once they have the meter readings.

There’s no need to suspect anything. Look at the statement PDF and it’ll tell you. You need to look at where the readings are listed. Most likely the last one will have (estimated) written next to it.

Estimated usage can vary between wildly under and wildly over actual usage. If the typical annual usage for the property isn’t defined correctly by the energy supplier, and this depends on many factors including typical usage over years prior to you even living there, then the estimates will be way off. It’s a guess, basically.

The only way your energy supplier knows this is if you tell them via a meter reading. They’re not psychic and don’t know the property has been empty. Even if the estimated annual usage was correct and resulted in perfect estimated bills, the process would still go wrong in a month where usage isn’t representative of a typical month.

It’ll be “corrected” in so much as the next bill will start on the estimated reading that was too high, and end on the actual reading that you provide next month, and so the bill will be artificially low. You’ve paid a high estimated bill in December and will pay a correspondingly low bill in January. But don’t expect to see anything labelled a “correction” or similar on your bill, because technically there is nothing to correct. Rest assured you’ll pay only for your metered usage. It’s only your month-by-month bills that aren’t representative of actual usage any more - overall it works out right.

Read your meter every month, submit the readings to bulb. Use the readings to calculate your bill; adjust your DD accordingly.
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