Install & Leave - Commission IHD


I had an engineer pop over on Friday to install the meter. He said that everything went fine from his end with the install but after waiting on hour or so, he never got the signal from off-site that they had commissioned it.

He said he has done an “Install & Leave” and that Bulb would call me in the next couple of days to chat me through what I need to do next. He also said that I should mention I need my “IHD commissioning”.

I’ve turned on my IHD and it is showing data…but I don’t know if this just dummy data.

Any help on this?



Hi there,

We’ve got a new feature in the bulb account where you can fix your in home display or report it to us if that doesn’t work.

You can find the link to log in at

From there you just need to click ‘My IHD isn’t showing energy usage’ and run through the steps