Install only electric smart meter

As a bulb customer I have had the smart meter install requests, so I went through the process but this was stopped when I advised bulb there was 14m between my two meters. End of application. However my main reason was that I was thinking of installing solar PV. Can I still get solar panels but would not get paid the SEG, or can I get just the electric smart meter only. If I get a system that reports exported power do bulb or any other supplier accept its figures. Thanks

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As you are wanting to get SEG we could install both (aslong as the set up allows this e.g. there is room) however the gas meter is VERY unlikely to be ‘smart’ so you would have to continue to submit meter reads for that. As long as you are happy with that.

I am going to send you an email requesting a photo of the meters.

We can then go from there :smiley:


Hi Mel, ok I’ll send pictures. I take it stating the obvious they can be manually read. How many smart meter installs are there in the uk, just seems a lot of folks have problems with them