Introducing: Guides (Smart, Referrals, Bills and More)

2020-07-16 15_36_23-Guide _ What makes a smart meter so smart_

Hi Everyone :earth_africa:

I hope you’re all well.

We’re creating guides to help people understand a little bit more about their energy. There are 6 guides at the moment, and there’s lots more to come.

As always, we would love any feedback you have. Do you find them useful? Or, if you have any recommendations for new guides on areas of Bulb that you would like to know more about, we’d be very interested to hear from you.

Here is a quick breakdown of the six different guides:

  1. What makes a smart meter so smart? :nerd_face:

It may not shock you to know that ‘smart meter’ is our highest search term in this community. There have been over 2300 searches for ‘smart meter’. Also, you may have seen that we’ve just started to ramp up our smart meter installations.

So, now is the perfect time to give this guide a quick read. There’s lots of useful information on how they work and importantly how they can save you money.

  1. Referring friends and family to Bulb :bulb:

Want to know how to get more referral credit? This guide is for you.

There’s a zip file included with fun templates for sharing your referral link on social media. This guide also explains how to use Giphy to find Bulb stickers for your Insta stories. They’ll make your referral link stand out.

  1. Managing your energy when you’re moving house :house:

This month we’ve had a much higher proportion of Community users searching ‘moving house’ than we normally do. We assume this is because it is a very common time of year to move house, particularly for students.

If you’re moving house, I couldn’t recommend this guide enough. One quick read and you will be very clued up.

  1. Understanding your energy bill :scroll:

This guide is a comprehensive breakdown of your entire Bulb statement.

We get lots of questions about annual consumption and standing charge and this guide clears it all up.

  1. Choosing a fixed or a variable energy tariff :balance_scale:

At Bulb, we like to keep things simple. That’s why we only have one tariff, and it’s variable.

This guide compares the pros and cons of variable and fixed energy tariffs. It explains what you need to look out for when you’re shopping around for your next energy deal.

  1. Simple ways to save energy at home :zap:

We’re obsessed with easy tips to lower your bills. We’ve heard some great suggestions from our members here and on social media. If any of you have any more hot tips, we would love to hear them below.

This guide also has some great energy saving tips. We’ve included a video which shows how to easily set a budget on your IHD. This is a must do.

Please do hit us up with ideas for guides you’d like to see.


I love the new templates for referrals :unicorn: Now is the ideal time to be referring - your friends save money on their bills and you get some lockdown electricity paid for!


The referrals guide in relation to desktops doesn’t reflect what I can see on my computer. I see “give £50, get £50” not just “get £50” and after clicking there is no option to “refer a business”.

Hi @norman7115,

I’ve just emailed you your business referral link. :national_park:

All members have a business referral link. You should be able to access this via your Bulb account.