Introducing New Community Titles 🛡

Hi everyone,

My name is Trevor and I have some exciting news to share with you today on a project I’ve been leading.

To celebrate our diverse and wonderful community, I would like to introduce brand new community titles.

As some of you may know, you can unlock a variety of different badges on your account by completing various tasks. Whether it’s the ‘Out of Love’ badge for giving out all 50 of your daily likes or the ‘Nice Topic’ badge for receiving 10 likes on a topic. You can choose the badge that best defines your personality.

Not only that, you can also set these badges as titles next to your name.

To set a badge as a title:

  1. Go into your account settings
  2. Click on the badges tab
  3. Click on any badge
  4. From there, you can set any badges that you earn as your title.

image image

If you would like to view all of the badges and how you can earn them, click here

We’re always trying to think of new ways to improve the community whilst rewarding you for your contributions.

What other badges should we include next? We’d love to get your feedback! :eyes:


That’s great!

Is there any plans to add some people as regulars, or is that more of a staff only thing?


Hi @izzyhunt,

Love the ‘Reader’ title, very nice. :bookmark:

We’re currently working on developing a new system for recognising the great contributions members of our community, such as yourself, have made. :deciduous_tree:

We will be updating you all here about this process/system very soon.