Introducing the new Bulb Community

Our last Community was a bit broken

We didn’t give our last Community platform a lot of love which meant things got a bit broken. You pointed out things like page numbers not working and problems logging in. With so many things to fix and an opportunity to make Community look and feel a bit nicer, we decided to build a new platform instead.

Things are not drastically different

Whilst things look and feel a bit different, we’ve not gone mad with making changes. We’ve migrated across content from our last platform and have kept broadly the same topics.

We need your feedback

This is not a finished product. You may have noticed that we’ve not shouted about the new platform. That’s because we’ve started a thread to collect your feedback first. @Will_at_Bulb, @Eric_at_Bulb and @Eleanor_at_Bulb are here to listen to your ideas and feedback. And our engineers are on hand to make changes.


Congratulations on making the switch to Discourse. A much better solution for the community.

I’ll definitely make some suggestions and take part now.

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Doors anyone know if Bulb functions in Somerset

Yes, all over UK, and expanding into France, Spain and Texas.

The Bulb website is one of the best commercial websites I have ever seen. Keep it up! We are very glad to be customers of Bulb.

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Could you elaborate on what you specifically like? I think it’s rather terrible, and their backend systems are barely functional.


Are they paying shills now?


Please help me how I can book appointment for installation smart meter

I hadn’t come across the word “shills” before but having looked it up you are most likely correct about : (

try another company that can actually read the meters they install

wonder if they get a free tellytubby pink T-shirt

The new look, all singing all dancing all the bells and whistles community doesn’t appear to be working very well

Hello @abdulmaliky525 :wave:

Thanks for your message. If you are automatically eligible for smart meters you can book in your Bulb account here.

If not, we would need to run through some questions first. The best way to do this at the moment is by contacting us on live chat.

Anyone else on here having problems with Bulb and their misleading claims on energy cost reduction and messaging? I can’t seem to get them to understand the essence of the complaint I have with them. Maybe someone else here has had success in getting them to treat a complaint seriously?

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Hi @UnhappyStu

Welcome to the Bulb Community, I’m sorry that your first post has been to chase up these issues.

I can see you currently have an open complaint with a manager here at Bulb. Currently, we’re waiting for you to respond to our latest email to you. Would you be able to check that and get back to my colleague there?

I’m sorry to hear you feel we misled you, and hope we can get the issue resolved amibably.

Hello Bulb, I wanted to congratulate you for such an amazing service which goes so well with type of great energy product you are providing. Never in my life have I experienced such a friendly, uncomplicated and straightforward way of doing business which comes with simple, never pushy communication and a great so easy to use app. I think this should set the standard to how energy companies and generally every single company offering direct services to customers communicates but this is unfortunately not the case. So please continue your good work and may you be an inspiration to others. Thank you.

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Hey @olivierl Thanks so much for your feedback and welcome to the Bulb Community :bulb:

I’m really glad to hear you’re happy with the service you’ve received. Keeping things simple for our members is one of our core values. I’ll definitely share your comments internally with the wider team.

It’s certainly brightened up our Monday :sun_with_face: