Inverted E7 Readings

I’ve been regularly submitting readings from my Economy 7 meter since I have been with Bulb. I started with the correct reading when I joined the business, and all of the submissions I have made have also been the correct way around. I have just looked at my account online, and despite submitting a reading via the Bulb iPhone app at least once every two weeks, the only ones shown in my account are described as “estimated”. Furthermore, these appear to have been inverted (switched around) as I have just now submitted a new reading, this time on the website, and it flagged as “looking very different from what was expected” as the numbers are the other way around (the correct way, they should have always been) and I have uploaded a photo of the meter as requested supporting this. I would like to know A- how this inversion has happened as it’s not how I have submitted them and B- exactly what happens now to rectify the situation so that I am not overcharged.

Hey @AthelstanWelwyner - thanks for letting us know and sorry for the unexpected hassle.

When we sent off your opening meter readings, they have to go through an industry third party who checks them over. Sometimes, if they don’t match the readings your previous supplier had, they send back a different estimate to try to prevent people getting unexpected huge bills if there’s a mistake.

In your case, the estimate they sent back had the readings the wrong way around, which suggests your previous supplier has had them the wrong way around as well. We’ve now raised an official dispute with them to get this sorted, and we’ve also sent them the photo you gave us as backup evidence that should hopefully speed things along.

It normally takes around 2-3 weeks for these disputes to be resolved, and we’ll send you a corrected and updated statement when everything’s sorted :slight_smile:

Hope that helps,

Hi Sam,

Thank you for this, much appreciated. What’s most odd is that having checked my final bill from my previous supplier (Scot. Power) the readings shown are the correct way around. Bizarre…

Anyway, whatever you can do to assist would be very much appreciated.

Thanks again!