Investment in Renewable Energy

Hi - just wondering if BULB is investing in renewable energy, not just buying it from renewable energy suppliers? Or investing in research into new renewable energy sources e.g. geo-thermal, tidal, etc.


Hi @thorneys1652

Welcome to the Bulb Community, and I must say what a fantastic debut question.

We buy 100% renewable electricity and 100% carbon neutral gas. Plus, we’re the biggest buyer of green gas for homes in the UK :earth_africa:

Of the renewable electricity we supply 20% comes from Power Purchase Agreements with renewable generators, which is a direct agreement between Bulb and the generators. The other 80% is bought on the wholesale market, and for every unit of energy we buy we also buy a Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin certificate. These certificates are given to renewable energy generators per megawatt hour of renewable energy generated. By matching the number of certificates we buy with the amount of electricity we supply we can be sure all our energy can be traced to a renewable source :deciduous_tree:

Bulb is also the biggest supplier of green gas for homes in the UK. From April 2019-March 2020 we bought 20% of all the UK’s available green gas, which comes from things like farm and animal waste. This equates to 4% of the gas that we supply our members, and the rest of the gas we supply we offset.

We partner with ClimateCare, who carefully select Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD) projects, ensuring they are implemented by experienced and culturally sensitive teams on the ground. The REDD project we work with focuses on reducing deforestation in the Gola Rainforest.

We also invest in other offsetting projects than just REDD. For example, we’ve invested in building wind and solar farms in India, helping meet the rapidly increasing energy demand there without relying on fossil fuels. This helps reduce carbon emissions and also creates jobs and education in the area. We’ve also invested in projects in Kenya and China.

You might also be interested to see our list of generators, who we work with to get our renewable energy from:

Great - many thanks.