Investment shares

I was looking to invest in ethical power generation and an idea came to me as I was wondering if bulb had ever considered offering that as a service.
For example; a customer could obtain returns (interest) on paying a top-up for bulb to invest in power shares. The customer could either take the gain, or use that to pay for power as credits (keeping the money in the share fund), or use the money to pay a bill but be taxed on the gain.

Complex or simply various.
Just a thought from a very happy customer.
Thanks James

There are a few investment trusts listed on the stock market that exist to invest in renewable energy supplies. Octopus set one up a little over a year ago (which is listed as Octopus Renewables Investment Trust [ORIT]), and a new one, NextEnergy Renewables, is just going through an IPO (getting a listing and raising money to invest) at the moment (this one is related to NextEnergy Solar Fund [NESF], an existing fund).

I bought some shares in ORIT in my ISA last summer. When I next put some money in my ISA, I might look at NESF (it’s offering a very good dividend yield).

Hi @Jamesecp

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Thank you for your suggestion, that is a really great idea. We love to hear your feedback and ideas :bulb:

Thanks also @stevefoster for your input, it is always interesting to see what others are doing.

I have raised this as a ‘Make It Better’ idea with our team and will let you know if it is something that Bulb would consider for the future.