iOS App Needs Work

Two issues already making me nervous about my switch to bulb.

Firstly it’s been asking me to submit my gas and electricity readings prior to the switch but when I click ‘Submit meter readings’ it just brings me to the readings screen with no way to input. Tried using the website and same thing.

Secondly when I tried to contact anyone about this I opened the ‘chat with us’ feature only to be met with a self help search feature. I couldn’t see anywhere how to actually get in-contact with a Bulb employee. So here I am in 2019 writing on a FORUM (hello 90s ?!) to get help…

:# 90s!

We’ve recently upgraded our app. You can read all about the fixes and changed we’re making.

The reason that you cannot put your meter readings into you account is that you have a smart meter. This means that we’ll collect your meter readings automatically.

You can chat with us between 9am and 6pm and give us a call on 0300 30 30 365 during these times too. You can drop us an email at any point on