iPhone app and incentive schemes?

Is there already an existing iPhone app for Bulb or are there any plans to implement one in the near future?

Are Bulb considering setting up some kind of loyalty scheme like other energy providers, eg: you can earn Nectar point with British Gas and Swalec used to rewards credit with Argos etc. I know in general you’ll be providing cheaper energy but it’s always nice from a customers pov to get something back, especially when it’s a tedious bill that is a necessary evil, incentives make adulting that much easier to do lol!

Also could I please be added to the list for smart meters.

Hi @Nelinde, there is currently an iPhone app (here) and an Android app is in the pipeline.

I’ll have to leave the rest for the Bulb team to answer though.

Thank you :slight_smile:

@Nelinde We don’t currently have any plans for this kind of thing but are always open for suggestions! The referral scheme is currently our way of rewarding members.

Sure, you have been added to the trial list :slight_smile: