Is a price rise normal with Bulb?

I have only been with bulb a few months and today after a rise the same week I joined I have just been told I have to pay more again. Is this normal with bulb. I didn’t expect this and will be leaving

Totally agree. I have been with Bulb just one month and, despite my first bill being within 5% of my monthly payment, they have emailed me today and told me (not asked me!), that they will be increasing my monthly payment by 95%!!! Crooks!!

I will also be leaving and I advise others to do the same

R993ukx1 Spinola_Syd

Purely as another customer.

I think the algorithm used by a Bulb is somewhat suspect and due a number of reasons the amount they are asking you to increase your DD payment is possibly in error.

Eleanor at Bulb has produced a useful explanation for possible increase in your DD and can be found via this link:

If you are absolutely certain you have enough credit in your account to pay one month in advance for your energy use then according to Bulbs information you can leave your DD at the current level.

Obviously you will need to increase your DD if there is a possibility your account will go into debit.

You may find if you do a price comparison on one of the comparison sites then Bulb will still come out somewhere at the top of the list cheapest suppliers, so it could be unwise to rashly move to another supplier. For a valid price comparison you should enter your past 12 month energy usage rather than the type and size of property.