Is anyone experiencing problems accessing their accounts?

I can get into my account but it is frozen and there is no response, anyone else getting problems?

Just checked and mine is OK.

Hi @Paul1974 We were experiencing some login issues on Monday, most of which were resolved.

But if you are still having trouble, let me know, and I’ll try and help you out - make sure you are using the email you used to sign up with Bulb.

I get the usual Bulb dashboard, but it is greyed out with a spinning green ring over it as if something is loading, and I can’t interact with any buttons or links on the page. This is the same in both Firefox and Chrome even with all browser extentions disabled.

I have experienced the same problem when trying to enter my meter readings. I entered the electricity reading ok but when I tried to enter the gas reading the screen was frozen. Had a similar problem last month.

@sapcotenem and @Oldun and @Paul1974 – I spoofed into your accounts just now, and I didn’t have any problems using the dashboard. For now, I’m going to assume that any dashboard issues you were experiencing are now solved, but please correct me if I’m wrong and we can perhaps go into a direct message chat together. My goal will be to reproduce the issue on my end so that I can talk to the tech team about what we think is going on.

I’m currently having issues accessing my account - the dashboard is blank when it loads up, and when I try to access the app, it closes itself and won’t allow me to open it or view anything.

Any thoughts?

Hi I am currently unable to log into my account too. After a while the page just returns to the sign in window. I have attempted to log in at least four times. Is there a problem with the website ?

I can’t log in either… However, I get the message “We’ll be back soon. We’re upgrading the site right now, so check back later.”

@laurah @kully @AnthonyO sorry you had those problems last night! We’ve had a look and it was a temporary issue with one of the systems we use, and is now fixed.

Please try logging in again, and let me know if the issue persists.

@“Sian at Bulb” The issue is still continuing. The app still crashes whenever I try and access it, and whenever I sign in online, I’m greeted with a blank (blue) screen with ‘Community’, ‘Help’ and ‘Sign Out’ only visible in the right hand side.

It’s obviously quite inconvenient as I’m quite keen to keep an eye on my monthly bills.

@laurah thanks for the update, sorry this is still happening. For your online account, do you get this blank screen if you are following a link from an email, or when you are logging in directly?

@“Sian at Bulb” It occurs in both scenarios.

@laurah my colleague @“Ana at Bulb” has looked into it and found that your account wasn’t configured correctly, and this has now been fixed! Please try again and let me know if the problem persists

@“Sian at Bulb” Hi, I can now access my account, but all my previous statements have disappeared. My account was £15 in credit (from my previous address) and I’ve lost that - is that correct or no?

@laurah as you moved properties you won’t see the statements for the old one in your account - however if you need any information we can certainly get it for you. R.e. the credit on your account, that should be addressed in your final bill for the old property.

Please email us at, use live chat, or call between 9 and 6 on 0300 30 30 635 and someone will be able to help you with the above!