Is bulb a Unicorn or a Zebra?

I read a very interesting analysis of the world of business ventures today. While there has been much talk of ‘unicorn’ businesses - that are disruptive, growth-oriented and aimed at being valued at $1 billion or more - there has not been as much focus on new ideas that are more socially responsible, and how these will perform and last over the longer term. I like the idea of calling these ‘zebras’.

“We believe that developing alternative business models to the startup status quo has become a central moral challenge of our time. These alternative models will balance profit and purpose, champion democracy, and put a premium on sharing power and resources. Companies that create a more just and responsible society will hear, help, and heal the customers and communities they serve.” from Zebras Fix What Unicorns Break

So, do the founders here have a response to this view of the start-up world?

I know I would rather surround myself with Zebras than risk getting speared by a stray Unicorn :wink:

Hi @thirstforwine! Great to hear that this is something you’re interested in hearing about as we are so passionate about making sure we are a zebra and NOT a unicorn.

The way to go around making sure we are achieving this is gaining a ‘B-Corp’ status. B Corps are for-profit companies that nonprofit B Lab has certified to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency, determining these to be their goals of success in business over profit.

You can read about it in our super proud and excited blog post here:

Or on the B-Corps website:

Let me know what you think! :smiley: