Is bulb in trouble?

Hiya! Just moved to bulb with my new address and only been with them since August, worryingly they’ve gone silent and the previous elec supplier for the past tennant has gone into administration, is bulb following the same way? Why the silence bulb!? I miss you!

I think the answer is that Bulb have grown too quick and taken on more customers than they are able to deal with, i.e. not enough staff…


Phew! I was getting worried! Thanks :slight_smile:

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I’ve tried to talk to bulb via online chat and emails AND their complaints department, and have had zero response from any of them over the last 10 days. Apparently this “cheaper greener energy company” thinks that I’m going to pay a bill that’s £200 MORE than what we normally pay. And that’s per month. The next time I talk to someone from bulb it’s will be to cancel our services with them.

Have your Bills been based on estimates?
Have you got a defective smart meter?