Is Bulb intending to charge energy used before the price cap increase at the new higher cost?

In five weeks Bulb have not replied to my query, now sent to them six times:

“Are Bulb intending to charge electricity used before the price cap interest at the post-increase price?”

As Bulb has avoided answering the question one has to assume that they are intending to charge us the post-April 1st price for electricity used before that date.

It’s almost enough to make you cancel your direct debit isn’t it? And that is exactly what I have done. Once they give me the correct answer (which is ‘no’!) I’ll reinstate my direct debit and increase it by the exact amount the energy cap has ben raised by, 54% (assuming you are on a variable tariff).

You’ve already started an identical thread.


I’ve been trying to get an answer from Bulb about this for five weeks. All my missives have been ignored so I am putting the pressure on here and on Twitter and indeed any way I can in order to get them to make an unequivocal statement.

This is not the Bulb of old and personally I don’t trust government appointed administrators any further than I can throw them.

Hi @SimonTurner :wave:t4:

Thank you for posting,

After reviewing your account I can see there have been some issues with your 01-04-22- 01-05-2022 statement. I am working on a fix so that this is updated and corrected for you. We will charge you the previous tariff and standing charge up until the 31st March and your new tariff will begin from 01-04-2022.

Please kindly bear with us whilst we work on your statement. In the meantime, if there is anything else you need assistance with then let me know.

–Suki :hibiscus:

Please send your findings and details of any update to me by email Suki. Please note that I have forbid Bulb from changing my direct debit. FYI. Bulb have already reinstated my direct debit and agreed to set it at about 54% higher than it used to be (i.e the maximum amount the cap has increased energy costs by)

Still waiting to hear from you @Suki_at_Bulb. I have checked my spam too.

Hi @SimonTurner

I’ve just sent that email over to you :slight_smile: