Is bulb involving itself with electric vehicles (EVs)

A number of other power providers are getting involved with the increasing use of EVs, either by giving financial rewards to EV drivers and/or partnerships with EV charging infrastructure. Is bulb involved in any such enterprises? It’s good that their energy (electricity at least) is provided by 100% renewables, but are there any further plans to extend this - as per the above?

@mel3473 we’re not looking into EV’s anytime soon. We want to focus on delivering the best customer service on the tariff that we have at the moment.

We’re also focused on providing smart meters, feed in tariffs and warm home discounts to our members and to make sure that they’re all at the level that we want them to be.

In the future, we want to help members have more control over their energy - if it looks like EV’s are one of the ways to help our members save more energy it might come into our plans :slight_smile:

I’ve a similar question. We’ve ordered our first EV - a new Leaf - that’ll arrive in September. We’d obviously like to be on a tarrif that allows us to charge it more cheaply (cheaper electricity overnight), so is that something that might be happening in the future?

We are very much in favour of Bulb’s renewable aims and I guess a drive for more more EVs is related to this. Is there anything like ‘Economy 7’ in the future for Bulb?

…having re-read the tariff information it seems that if I have an Economy 7 meter then this could happen. I don’t, but do the Smart meters allow it?

OK - so yes:

(Glad we go that sorted!)

Hi @Rutty strong research game there, if there’s anything else we can tell you about this, please let me know :slight_smile: