Is bulb responding to wholesale price decrease

Will bulb be lowering there prices due to wholesale prices decreaseing and could they let us know ither way so people can make an informed decision if to switch to one of the cheaper deals this has help create.Bulbs tarrif suddenly doesnt look half as good as it did 12 to 18 months ago.No explanations needed just a simple yes or no to a price reduction would greatly help.
Thanks in advance if anyone from bulb would reply

first time ive looked at comparrison site for some time ans was shocked how far bulb have dropped behind and theres plenty to choose from not just dodgy ones youve hardly heard off.

I can recommend for a 31% reduction on Bulb’s gas price, at least in my area. I suspect other areas will be similar. Let me know if you’d like a referral code for £40 credit :slightly_smiling_face:

soon could be anytime after winter or maybe im being pessimistic but weve established its at least 2 weeks.

My tariff has just increased. I received no notice. However the tariff now showing is higher than that in my most recent bill for December 2019.

I thought that energy prices were decreasing,

Why this unannounced increase?

I think you’re confused. There hasn’t been a tariff increase for a long time. Are you referring to your monthly direct debit? If not, what has changed on your actual tariff within the last month?

You always get 30 days notice of an increase in tariff, and there hasn’t been one.

Is the difference in price 5% ? If so the difference is likely due to VAT.

Unlikely when says they’re comparing two Bulb statements.

You may be right… but perhaps is comparing the price on his December bill (excluding VAT) with the current price on the website (ie including VAT).
Anyone’s guess really. :slightly_smiling_face:

You may very well be right I have just compared my December and January statements and the unit rate is identical, with the addition of VAT this would equate with the slightly higher price shown on the website homepage

I have asked the question if they will be lowering their prices as other companies well ahead of them now, Bulb are very good and to be fair the best I have dealt with in years, but price difference is now too much to consider

You are all correct. May apologies.

I had looked at the rate in my latest bill without noticing that the 5% was added later.

It was that I had a smart meter installed today. The brand new display showed the tariff that, now I see, includes the 5%.

Thanks for the clarification

British Gas have dropped Gas prices again. Lowest price in 4 years . Bulb need to respond sharpish

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They would seem to respond on threads like this and keep you up to date but dont seem to bother anymore.