Is Bulbs profit margin increasing as a result of price changes?


I want to be added to the existing thread, just a straight answer.

Do the price increases reflect an increased margin as well as changes in wholesale prices or not?


I’ve just down a uswitch comparison and Shell energy would equal my current monthly payment with Bulb and is also 100% from renewables. The electricity from my PV panels is no more expensive for the Grid than last year so what’s going on here?


I’ve enjoyed using the bulb app as a customer for 8months now, but the price hikes have forced me to look elsewhere so I’m moving to SO Energy, I don’t see the premium in energy companies, or fancy apps, they’re nice, but they’re just a con… especially at £100 more per month when energy demand has decreased?! SO Energy matched the 15p pKwh… sorry bulb see ya!