Is it me or is this more than coincidence?

I joined Bulb last May, they offered a low monthly payment and a good customer service record. Every month, pretty much without fail I’ve been told my monthly payment is too low and I need to increase it. I have increased it twice so far.
I supply new readings, once again I need to increase the payment. Call me cynical but is this the business model ? Entice new customers with a low payment then ask them time increase it every month?
Cmon guys you told me what I needed to pay when we started this. Strange that prices tumble during Covid and you ever ask for more.
Yours, Mr increasingly suspicious.


No, that is not bulbs business model. Unless you provided bulb with a KWh figure of how much you use when you switched, there estimates are very likely to to too high, or too low (such as in your case). The best way to combat this is to submit readings extremely frequently (every 2 weeks, 1 of the readings being 2 days before your bill) or at the bear minum, submitting 1 a month, 2 days before your bill. Bulb will then eventually figure out what your usage is, though you should still submit monthly reads.

Bulb think I’m giving them too much(

) when i know full well if i follow there figure, I’ll be in debt by 2 months, especially with winter coming up.

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I did provide the previous years consumption, I have given readings every month except the first when I wasn’t aware I had the option to do so.
Weekly readings ? Who has the time for that ? I’m not clear how that would help, it’s OK don’t explain.

I’m curious as to how you know this isn’t a Bulb business model.

I have the same issue. Each month Bulb takes a monthly direct debit and then sends me a statement without including my monthly payment, tells me I’m in debit and suggests that I should consider increasing my monthly payment! This makes it extremely difficult for you to ever get a statement that shows an account in credit…but it does wonders for their cashflow!

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Because if this was bulbs business model, they wouldn’t be attempting to undercharge me, would they?

Your monthly payment is on same page where you get your statement???

…but the issue is that although my monthly amount is taken from my account BEFORE my statement is prepared, it’s not included in my statement. And Bulb then has the audacity to suggest that I might want to increase my monthly payment to take my account out of debit.

I am now so fed up with this that I am very seriously considering moving to another supplier.


Yes, that’s how bulb works, your meant to have at least 1 month of payment in your account at all times, you pay your bill in advance. you can read more here

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I’m seeing and feeling the exact same thing as Dick H above.

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Thanks for pointing out where to see my payment Izzy, I know what my payment is, it’s considerably more than Bulb said it would be and apparently still not enough.

If that’s the way Bulb works, then it’s goodbye Bulb.

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Hi @dick.henneman, just to piggyback off of @izzyhunt’s point, we don’t include your payment in the statement at the end of the month, even though it is taken on the same day that the statement is generated.

This is deliberate, because we take our payments in advance and therefore the payment that we are taking is for the month ahead, whereas the statement that is generated is for the previous month’s usage. You’ll be able to see the previous month’s payment on this statement.

At this time of year, your account should be building up some credit to see you through the higher-consumption Winter months, so that we don’t have to increase your payments then. If your account is currently in debt then this will be why we’re recommending that you raise your monthly payment amount.

I’ve got to admit I am very worried about the cost of my energy as well. Moved to Bulb after supplying the previous years consumption, they suggested £87 a month. After 6 months I decided to up it to £100 just to try get ahead of the game. Lockdown kicked in and yes we use more Electric at this moment than before, but we had left the house for 6-7 weeks early lock down, thinking the bill should be far cheaper as everything pretty much was turned off. Last month I have been asked to up the payments by another £12. So £25 (being a 29% increase) more than I was in February despite a far lower consumption for a big chunk of time. Does make me wonder if I was massively underquoted originally despite the historic usage. Now having to pay £2 a month more than what I was before I moved, which isn’t a lot but I moved for a reason, not to increase the bill.

I have switched to another supplier…who is also cheaper.

Matter closed.

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Hi @Steve16

I’m sorry to hear that you’re concerned by the cost of your energy recently. Our aim is for members to save, and we don’t want you to be worried.

What we’d advise doing is comparing the unit rate you’re on with us with that of your previous supplier. If ours is lower, then you know the slightly higher statements are a result of increased energy consumption.

If that is the case, then you should check to see if it is the gas or electric that has increased. Once you know that, it is worth getting the gas/electric appliances tested accordingly if you don’t believe usage trends to have changed.

There are also some really easy energy saving tips here that you might find handy to have a read over:

Steve16, if I follow you correctly, you used very little energy for a number of months and are still having to increase your payments ? That seems very strange. Do you have meter readings for those months ?can you check to see if you’re use was less then when the house was occupied ? It seems very likely you would use less but fridges, freezers, lighting on auto control, alarm systems, heating ticking over ? I’m just guessing here In apparent support of bulb. If you can prove your energy use is less than when your home was occupied the something is amiss in the way the payment plan was setup by Bulb. This would give strong evidence in favour of the speculation that Bulb set the cost too low.

Yesterday I had am email fromBulb saying the prices are increasing and my payment will be around double of their original estimate ( which was based on my previous years consumption )

I also had an email from MartinLewis smith web site offering an alternative supplier, with good customer care score. So long bulb. I’m gone.

I feel you cast the estimate too low to draw me in. I could be wrong but double the monthly cost In a matter of months ?

I have done the same for the same reasson and A**o is a lot cheaper.

Hi @p.luzzr1400 & @robin

I’m sorry to see you’re both switching away following our payment reviews on your accounts.

I’m going to send you both emails now to see if there’s anything account-specific about the payments you’d like to discuss in the meantime, so if you could keep an eye out that would be great.

All of this mirrors my experiences. My monthly payments have increased by £92.30 per month over the last year, despite paying off arrears totalling £358.00 in February and August this year. I don’t get meter reading reminders any more, and despite sending them before the due date most months, still often get estimated readings on the bill. According to U-Switch, I could save up to £150.00 a year with other suppliers. For the first year or so, I was quite happy with Bulb, but it’s gone very wrong in the last 12 months, so I’m afraid it’s goodbye Bulb in the next couple of weeks.

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