Is it normal to have low meter reading?


I know I will be mocked for this but I have never lived alone before, my ex always used to do my meter readings and before that I lived with my parents.

I have been away for over 2 weeks, I came to my own home for 2 nights in this period. I was mainly at the hospital with my mum, stayed with my dad for a bit after my mum died and spent time at my grandmas too.

The house I currently live in had no hot water or heating because the boiler was broken until yesterday and I still haven’t used it because it’s not cold.

I have used 10kwh in gas in the last 2 weeks and that probably came from yesterday when the plumbers fixed the boiler. And 33kwh on electricity.

Are these readings normal? Most people moan about high readings but I’m worried mine are low.

With basically nothing switched on then it sounds ok, what you can do is for a few days take your gas & elec readings daily and see what sort of usage there is that should at least give you an indication both meters are working.

If after a few days you are still concerned then post back on here and someone will try and help.

You are quite right to check these things rather than wait for an unexpected Bill 3 months down the road.

I have used 10kwh in gas in the last 2 weeks...
Is it actually 10kWh, or 10 units on the meter? If the latter, that would equate to a little over 110kWh, assuming a metric meter.