Is it time to switch?

Entered all my gas and electricity usage into my own spreadsheet and can save over £200 a year by switching. Have never really had any issues with Bulb, apart from them constantly telling me to increase my monthly payments even when I’m in credit (!!) but unless they can offer me an incentive to stay then it’s time to say bye bye. Hopefully they read this message board!


Not that often.

There’s no really any downside to switching suppliers, so seems a no brainer to me.


For a saving of £200 per year I would suggest you switch to the supplier offering this sort of saving. If Bulb do finally decide to break cover and reduce their prices you can always switch back?

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The only issue I had in switching from Bulb was getting a supplier that doesn’t insist on a Smart meter. That achieved I should be saving around £140 per year.

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there are at least nine(9) suppliers in danger of having their licence’s revoked by ofgem because they refuse to sign up to DCC The nine suppliers are Ampoweruk Ltd, Better Energy Supply Limited, Daligas Limited, Enstroga Ltd, Entice Energy Supply Limited, Euston Energy Ltd (trading as Northumbria), Green Energy Supply Limited, Symbio Energy Limited and UK National Gas Ltd. The full story can be read on M/Soft Bing money home page


The nine suppliers are Ampoweruk Ltd, Better Energy Supply Limited, Daligas Limited, Enstroga Ltd, Entice Energy Supply Limited, Euston Energy Ltd (trading as Northumbria), Green Energy Supply Limited, Symbio Energy Limited and UK National Gas Ltd.

I wouldn’t be concerned as ofgem will will transfer you to another company if one goes bust, then once they sort it out you can switch to another company.

I’m actually with Bulb just posted this to forewarn anyone thinking of switching to another supplier, thanks anyway

When I switched to Bulb in Dec '17, I was reassured by their declared policy of tracking the market and always being competitive.
Over the last few months this is wearing a bit thin, and I can now save about £135 per annum by switching to the well regarded So or Octopus.
I’ll apply on 27 January, so that the billing cycle will be somewhere around the same time of the month - unless, of course, Bulb have got their act together by then.


I did not post this to dissuade others from switching if they find a better deal, just to be aware of whom they’re switching to

Let me know if you need a referral for So :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you send a link to this story?

Just be aware that cheapest is not always best. I have found Bulb customer service to be a lot better that previous suppliers.

Much appreciated. :slightly_smiling_face: Will be in touch.

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I am also considering switching to SO and am interested to hear what others say about them.

Used the referral link this morning, and received the welcome pack within about ten minutes.
Only slight hiccup initially was that the web form would only accept a phone number with no spaces.
Bulb account page already displaying a We’re sad you’re leaving message.
Main reason for switch of course is the gas price, but have switched electric too as in the West Mids that’s slightly cheaper, even with the higher standing charge.
I’ll report back on progress - and if @oddjob need a referral… :wink:

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Thanks! I got the notification this morning too, so it looks like everything has tracked properly.


To people wanting to switch, some only allow the referral link if you go direct to their site and I found with e.g. Octopus their rate is higher than if you use a comparison site like Uswitch. Better to join Quidco, get their cashback through comparison site and the lower rate gives more return than a referral usually.

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Hi @dcweather do you have by any chance have images of this? I never came across this, why would they lower tariffs and raise others via different joining methods…

It would complicate it too much, plus they would still pay out the same amount via cashback or referral?

@oddjob I’ve been very happy with So.Energy for our gas, our switch was effortless. They honoured our joining referral code. I will say that they do have a tendency to introduce new tariffs quite frequently and in each case the gas unit rate has dropped. So support smart meters or dumb meters, but your smart meter won’t send readings to them so you will need to manually send them, ideally 3 days before your statement.

However, with that said I’ve sent them emails requesting a tariff change from Yak to Alder, and gone from 2.86p to 2.53p and their standing charge is 22.05p/day. This is ofcourse for our region (south east). They’ve always answered within the week and have been happy to change us over. Though you will pay the £5 exit fee each time. You just need to work out if this will be more or less than you will save by moving.

We’ve only moved Gas to So.Energy. We are about to get an EV and I therefore we need a supplier which supports electricity TOU tariffs. In this case we’ve moved to Octopus Go.

@dcweather Hmm… which would be better though £50 referral or a small unit reduction. How much is the difference, do you have numbers?

I know that for Octopus their non smart tariffs are rubbish. But I think this just may be intentional as they are prioritising getting customers onto TOU tariffs. I also get the impression they don’t want to scale as quickly as Bulb and I think that may prove to be a good decision. From what I can tell Bulb’s rapid growth is unsustainable for the company and has certainly caused many problems (or amplified existing issues) to the point that innovation has become impossible for them.

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