Is my electricity the same price throughout the day or is it cheaper at night on the vari-fair tarif

Was struggling to find a little more information on my tariff, was wondering if it was better to run big appliances at night.

Hi @reesalex,

Your energy is the same price throughout the day. Your energy meter is single rate, so it doesn’t measure how much you use at any particular time of day.

Some people have 2-rate meters which means they can have cheaper energy during the night if they’d like. This is offset by slightly more expensive energy the rest of the time. People with these meters can choose to be on whichever they prefer, 1-rate or 2-rate tariff, but generally by default will be on the 2-rate tariff as it tends to be cheaper overall, unless you’re using a lot during the day.

You can swap to a 2-rate meter if you’d like, but it costs in the region of £90 for an engineer to come out and change it for you.

Hope this helps,

Thanks very much for this Will, really helpful. Is the meter change a service you offer or would I need to contact an engineer myself?

@reesalex No problem, happy to help. We’d have to book the meter change for you. Only the energy supplier that currently supplies your meter can do work on it as we’re responsible for it. So if you’d like to change give us a ring and we can sort it out for you.