Is my energy green?

The short version is that yes, all the electricity from Bulb is 100% renewable, all of our electricity comes with a 100% renewable certificate from Ofgem, the energy regulator.

Are the electrons in my home green?

Everyone’s energy comes from the National Grid, not directly from your supplier. The grid is a big pot, suppliers like Bulb put energy into the pot and consumers like you take energy out of the pot. This means that Bulb doesn’t control the actual electrons and molecules of gas you use, but we do control how the grid is topped up after you’ve taken your energy.

Because the majority of energy in the grid comes from fossil fuels, chances are the electrons used to light your house were generated by fossil fuels too. Does this mean your energy isn’t green? Fear not! At Bulb we commit to matching the electricity you consume with electricity only from 100% renewable sources. By doing so, our members are increasing the demand for clean electricity and encouraging more renewable generation. Long and complicated story short, yes your electricity is 100% renewable.

The more people that switch to Bulb, the higher the demand for clean energy, meaning more clean energy will be generated. If everyone joined Bulb then the grid would have to be 100% renewable electricity.

What about green gas?

We currently get 10% of our gas from renewable sources. That’s about 100 times more than the rest of the UK. We’re really excited to be supporting the green gas industry is in it’s infancy. Our green gas, also known as biomethane, is generated by anaerobically digesting slurry waste from pig farms in Oxfordshire.

I have pictures of a green fog passing by my window ( just hope theres no chlorine )