Is soon a new buzz word for Bulb

Hello again Is a price drop imminent that’s the message coming through from Bulb However its always Soon how long is soon, Today, Tomorrow, or the next 6 months This is no way to answer a question Its very vague. When will smets 2 meters be migrated on to the smart tariff for the customers that would like it. You have guessed it right. Soon. Come on Bulb if you don’t know say so !! Be more specific and stop fobbing the customers off


Where did you see the message about a price drop?

What i don’t understand, is how Bulb are getting any new customers, and why they aren’t losing existing customers in droves. You’d think that people having made one switch, they would get round to switching again. The extra cost of staying with Bulb is pretty significant.


The information came from a member of staff at Bulb. I read it a couple of days ago on the community. It was mentioned an announcement was imminent and customers would be notified via email soon !!

@PaulMC12345, see this post.


Thanks for that.

I do wonder how they can they get away with saying on the website:

When wholesale energy costs move, so does our tariff. If they go up, we work hard to limit increases to our members and always give 30 days notice. And if they go down, we quickly pass those savings on to you.

You would hope that Ofgem could at least make them retract that claim, but I guess not.

Full marks though for publishing a graph showing how un-competitive they are. (he says through gritted teeth!).


Many thanks for your help on this one. I knew i seen it somewhere

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for me, it was the hassle of switching.
I’d been waiting so long for my smart meters to get sorted out, and one thing that seemed to get overlooked for about 4-6 months by the person I was emailing, was that my account had the wrong (old) serial number for one of my meters.
That’s been updated, but the smart meter issue is still ongoing.

So if I had tried switching during those 4-6 months, it probably would’ve turned into a stressful hassle with meter serial numbers being wrong.
The other thing that’s made it a nuisance is not having a good view of my usage - because my meters were wrong for so long, I couldn’t submit readings, so now the calculations are wonky. I’d have to dig back through usage/statements to make sure it’s estimating correctly before going elsewhere.
I haven’t got the time or patience for that yet.

With the cheapest suppliers being 25% cheaper than Bulb (Gas), it doesn’t really matter what your usage is, but I get your reasoning.