Is there a bigger ethos behind Bulb?

I was attracted to Ecotricity, but then I saw there was a general ethos behind it that I found extreme tiresome (especially political, in a way that had nothing to do with renewable energy. For example, taking over a football club and insisting on vegetarian catering, or ethical investing).

What is the ethos behind Bulb?

Hi @grannyb,

We started Bulb because we saw the same problems at all the big providers. Inefficiency. Poor service. Bad tariffs. No transparency.

None of them empowered their customers - they barely listened to them. So we thought we’d try something new.

A fair and open energy company, with an engaged, supportive community that takes centre stage.

We have one tariff for electricity and gas, one of the lowest offered by any 100% renewable ​electricity​ company in the UK. Come to think of it, it’s lower than most non-renewable providers too.

How do we do this? We use cutting-edge tech that keeps our costs low. And we only partner with companies that do the same.
And honestly? We just make lower profits than our competitors. Then pass the savings on to you.

For more detailed thoughts on the energy industry make sure to check out our blogs

Let me know any questions.


Does this ‘community’ thing mean a sort of online communication like, say, GiffGaff for mobile?

I notice you avoided mentioning the ‘ethics’ issue.

I’m all for a practical ‘green’ approach & renewables and saving the planet, but I’m concerned about getting involved with an Ecotricity-style ballsaching politically correct thing. Once Dale Vince started to talk about vegetarianism, ethical investing and (worst of all) sponsoring political parties to push his beliefs rather than his business, I thought “I’m out of here.”

I might still be interested, but I’d need to be sure I wasn’t locked in once you decide you’re going to start saving whales.

I'd need to be sure I wasn't locked in once you decide you're going to start saving whales.

LOL! =)

Those whales! Always leaving the lights on, heh!?

Hi @grannyb, although I’m not very familiar with Giffgaff I think that the community in Bulb works similarly to the Giffgaff community where we encourage members to answer each other’s queries and debate/learn about related issues.

In relation to our ethics, @thirstforwine brought up a similar discussion recently:

Here at Bulb we feel very strongly about upholding top level social and environmental responsibilities, and have even taken it to the next step, becoming the UK’s only energy company to be a registered B-Corp (a special certificate for this). This shows we have above-regulation standards of not only social and environmental performance, but accountability and transparency, one example is that there is very little range in wages for absolutely everyone at Bulb, pretty awesome.

Although many of us here at Bulb have strong personal views for environmentalism and renewables we would never push politics or beliefs on you, as they are not relevant or needed for us to do an ace job as an energy provider.

Hope this answers your queries! Please let me know if you would like any more info :slight_smile: