Is there a minimum contract?

We are a small business considering signing up to Bulb (gas and elec) and wanted to know if there is a minimum contract? Thanks

Hi @rainbow_c

No, there’s no minimum length contract. You can sign up as a business member on our Bulb for business page.

We’d love to have you on board.

Hi Eleanor
I m a small business but with a relatively high electricity usage (67000 kwh p.a.) I m shopping around for a new contract and Bulbs rates are very competitive, except I know they can vary. Does anyone have experience of how much rates can vary seasonally? I m guessing as we go into winter business rates are expected them to rise. Also I m thinking they will rise over time anyway. Other providers want to tie you in to a 12 month minimum contract, giving better rates if you commit to 2 or 3 years. I must say that Bulb are much more upfront with their pricing, and it all looks so much simpler (no contract tie ins, no having to waste hours on the phone getting prices from call centre staff, etc etc) but the down side is I can`t accurately put my electricity prices into a cash flow forecast. How many times have you changed business prices (up or down) over the last 24 months please?

Hi @bbqandwine

We’d love to have you with Bulb. You can sign up on our business page.

Our business rates increased just once in September 2018. There was an unit rate increase of ~2.0-2.2p /kWh across all regions but one.

We don’t lock you into a contract. Instead, our rates follow the wholesale costs of energy. That means that our prices could increase. They could decrease too.

We understand that this makes forecasting a little tricker fo you. We’ll always give you 30 notice if our prices change. This gives you time to shop around and switch if you did find a better deal for you.

On the whole, our business rates are pretty competitive.

Hope this helps you make your decision.