Is there any way to amend estimated readings?

Afternoon Bulb,

I got an estimated bill yesterday way higher than expected. Is there anyway to input the correct reading for both gas and electricity to bring it down to what it should be? I went to enter the readings but just got a white circle with red cross saying it was lower than my estimated reading from January 1st. Any help would be much appreciated as the readings are quite a way off.


Hi Luke - hope you are well.
Have you tried submitting an up-to-date reading via MyBulb account?
Once submitted it may take some time for the latest reading to do the work in their system and adjust your projected payments/Direct Debit.
Any issues, just call, e-mail or live chat them when they are back in on Monday.
Good luck!

PS/ I don’t work for Bulb - just trying to help you :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply. Will get in touch with Bulb on Monday if they don’t reply here first. All the best.

Hi @LukeKent, even if you managed to enter new readings yourself, you wouldn’t get a new bill until next month.
If you give Bulb a ring with new readings on Monday then they will be able to re-calculate your last bill for you.

It’s curious that MyBulb won’t let you input meter readings lower than the previous readings if they’re estimates; my previous supplier was more than happy to calculate negative usage.

@LukeKent - Have you managed to resolve your meter reading issue? When readings are lower than the estimate we like to manually check that the reading is in line with previous customer readings. If not it can imply that there is something wrong with the meter or we have the wrong meter on our account altogether! It also, if you entered it wrong by mistake, stops you getting erroneous bills.

We are currently developing our meter reading validation process so that more readings can be accepted even if they are lower than the estimate so this should become a smoother customer experience

Each month, like others I imagine, I receive a payment will be taken reminder. Every month when the DD goes out I submit my two meter readings for that month as well. Reason I do so is that Bulb then have current readings and my billing reflects exactly where my balance lies. Means there should be no surprises for me and I like that feeling. Individual choice but means you proactively stay in control rather than using energy and reactively question your charges.