Is there anybody there? Bulb?

After having an emergency call out to get a new meter fitted on Saturday, I’ve been trying to contact Bulb with no reply!
Up to Saturday afternoon I was getting replies then it all went quiet.
I’ve sent multiple emails to help@bulb, emergency@bulb and the complaints email finally on Monday. No reply from any of them.
My key meter had just been topped up with my £140 warm home discount and now it’s gone (without being used) and I have a normal meter.
I’ve had no contact and my account still shows I’m on a pre-payment plan.
I need to sort this out ASAP because I don’t want a big bill!! Especially as I’m owed £140.
I’m going to switch when this is resolved as it’s the first time I’ve made contact and the customer service is awful!

Hi @PinkPumpkin - welcome to the Bulb Community. :wave:

I’m glad to hear your metering issues were resolved, but I’m sorry that you’ve had difficulty getting in touch with us. Are you able to give us a call on 0300 30 30 635 so we can get this sorted as quickly as possible for you?

Please don’t worry about your Warm Home DIscount payment, as we’ll be able to make sure this is returned to you.

Can you arrange for someone to call me back? I’ve requested a call several times in emails but it gets ignored.
I’m not sure I can go through explaining the whole story again.
Good customer service would be someone calling me with knowledge of the issues and with a solution. Don’t you agree?

Hi @PinkPumpkin

I can see that you’ve got an open complaint. My colleague is the case agent for this so please add any requests to the complaints email. I will let them know that you have requested a call back.


Ok thank you …:pray:

Hi, I’ve still not had a call back and also yesterday I got an email from the person dealing with my case saying they are not sure if I’ll get the refund!
So of course I replied and said it’s not the company’s money to keep!
I’m on a low income and that payment is my warm home discount that I’m entitled to through the government scheme!
I’m finding the communication through emails extremely unprofessional.
If someone is going to email me then at least they should give me all the information I have requested, explain properly and set out what happens next.
I will be printing out all of the emails and posting to the complaints address because it’s actually appalling.

Hello @PinkPumpkin

I’m so sorry that this has been your experience, I’m raising this now and I’ll send you an email where we can keep an open line of communication whilst this is investigated.

If you have anything additional you’d like to ask me, feel free to let me know via email and I’ll be happy to help.

Freya @ :bulb:

Ok thank you.
I just want it resolving!