Is there way to contact bulb via email or telephone

Is there any way to contact bulb via email or telephone

Phone for Bulb
0300 303 0635

Email for Bulb

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Contact details via the “Contact us” button on the Help page.

See: Submit a request – Bulb

I wouldn’t bother with email, you could walk to the head office from anywhere in the UK and get a response quicker.


Chat is the route I found produced quick responses.

I’ve been trying to get my gas supply transfered to Bulb since January. They already supply my electric. But after six emails and no response I’m leaving Bulb because there PR is rubbish.

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im struggling to submit my meter readings and keeps bring me back to the community page , how do i submit them ???

If all you can see when you login is a link to this community, this is a common fault. Contact Bulb for an account reset. The problem is going to be fixed very soon, as of last November.

See: Meter Readings: Queries - #15 by William_at_Bulb

current smart meter reading;013404

100% correct. Dreadful email service been without electric all weekend. Used my old BG card thankfully worked I’m staying with them not worth the few quid you may or not save during the year.