Is this a bulb number?

01253 (blackpool) 530 342 - is this a bulb number?
Add: thanks, got text, didn’t read. But, searching online revealed it could have been a bulb number. Very strange!
Just remembered: I did speak to Bulb a couple of days before the text arrived.
But thanks bulb and all for your coms.
wish i was 50 years younger, i’d take a trip to blackpool. oops!

I don’t think so. I would contact bulb on there official number (0300 303 0635) and ask if they had called.

If they were asking something like banking details, I have no doubt that bulb will want to have a look at this number as well, and you might want to report it to action fraud.

HI @daviddorrington10,

This does not look like one of our numbers. I’m going to send you an email now to get some more info so we can report this.

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Please see:

When I don’t recognise a telephone number and it seems a bit suspect I always enter the number in a search engine.

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Weird how the comments for that regarding Bulb all tie in. Almost like someone has access to bulbs numbers.

checked on who-called-me and other sites and many of them referred to bulb.

yeah, that what I was saying. How come there are no comments for eon, n.power eta. how come the only leccy supplier that’s mentioned is bulb, and furthermore, the comments infer they were with bulb as well. How would the scammers know all this information? I’m going to guess that this is bulbh maybe? if not, bulb have a problem on there hands.

i dunno izzy, i don’t believe it’s bulb but there’s certainly a problem in scammers heads. I reckon all calls should be forced to show id or they’re not connected. easy solution.

On mobile, you do have an option to do this. Some more advanced landlines will probably have the option too.