Is this happening to just me?

Is it just me or does anyone else have no meter readings on the app and the web site for the past week?

Despite having a smart meter I supply daily readings

I think it’s a glitch in the app as only recently it’s been showing my usage as around 10p more a day than the desktop site.

Hey @Bulberino - thanks for flagging this issue!

Can you see Month or Year?


I can see month to the 14th but February isn’t shown on the year page but nothing since the 14th in weeks and days on the app.

Same for me.
My friend (who recommended me) shows me her lovely daily graph for gas and electricity, but not for me.
Very disappointing!

Hi @Bulberino @Carmel - I’m sorry about these ongoing issues! We can investigate this for you.

Firstly, would you be able to check if your usage information is visible in your online accounts here?

My meter readings are displayed, but my graph is blank.

Still here…
Still waiting…
Still no readings on the web site…
Still no readings on the app…

I have readings on the website today - after 8 weeks of asking!

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One thing just has become VERY clear…

I no longer have a “smart meter”

You used MY meter reading from the 3rd of March to calculate this months bill.

This explains why no usage data is available on my account in the app or the website since the 14th of February. So it’s a good job I have been sending you DAILY meter readings, if I hadn’t, God only knows what my bills would be.


More chance of winning the lottery :joy:


Yep. My bad.

I thought telling them the problem would help fix it. I’m not going to hold my breath.

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Nothing for 3 weeks then this?

I’m sending DAILY readings. What more do you want???

I have been trying to contact them for 2 months. No joy. I don’t even have a graph for any usage for prior to each month. I cannot check back on my usage, only my reads. But to be fair that is the least of my problems with bulb. Get out while you can, it only gets worse.

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Hey @Bulberino,

I am sorry if you’re still having issues with your graphs. If your reads are set to daily, and we’re getting smart readings through, we will eventually be able to get these graphs for you. They are currently still in beta testing so we’re working on ironing out the kinks. I am really sorry there isn’t more I can do right now to help.