Is this too good to be true

I was already sold by affordable Green energy before reading about the referral scheme. What a great idea to donate any money we may gain in referring to our favourite charity. As a patient just recovering from pancreatic surgery mine will all be going to so anybody looking for a link and a good cause please consider our link

Great to find a referral link where all the proceeds go to charity, but your link didn’t work for me. I made an educated guess and used which seemed to work, so I hope the proceeds do arrive in due course.

I shall try to raise money for charity with my own referral link, but I won’t post it on your thread because that would be a bit mean!


This thread is very cute and awesome, well done both @JandCiow and @Tonyb. Yes, use

Thanks for your comments and am happy to report that Hubert has used our link and hopefully will get a message from Bulb for you too Tonyb. It’s win win for £100 in 2 days WOW!

@JandCiow We love hearing what our members do with their referral credit. And you’re doing great things!