Isolator Switch Install

Contacted Bulb by email 1st June 2021 re. Isolator Switch install and had a same day response - forwarded to installation team and we will get back to you. It is now 12th June and no acknowledgement from the team that anything is in process or a proposed installation appointment. This was in connection with an EV charger install that has now been confirmed as 15th June - looks as if the installer will have to pull the main fuse.
At the same time my local DNO will unloop the supply and I would like to have EV Charger + Isolator in place before they visit the property.
No response to follow up emails and I would like to hear from Bulb re. the Isolator install?

Hey @dhwalt :wave:

My colleague has raised this with our metering team to get looked at for you but there is a bit of a backlog on the meter jobs - these are being worked over the next few days so you should hear back next week!

Holly - Thanks for the response and awaiting next week’s reply.