Issue submitting meter reading

Hi all,

I have initiated a switch to Bulb at the end of August. Early last week I got an email to say it was time to submit meter readings which I have done promptly and received email confirmations for both electricity and gas.

Come Friday, I got another email to say it’s really time for me to submit my electricity reading. Confused, I submitted it again.

Neither of the readings are showing in my app despite two email confirmations. I am a bit worried as I would like to receive accurate bills and I want my final bill from the previous supplier to be correct too.

Has anyone experienced similar issues? What time is chat available?

Hopefully sometime tomorrow

Bulb emailed me for my first meter reading but when I tried to submit it, they didn’t recognise my email address - the one they wrote to.
Regretting my decision to switch already.

Hey @ndrw Thanks for switching and welcome to Bulb Community :wave:

Both readings have been added to your account, so you can ignore the follow up email on this. Apologies for the confusion and please let me know if you have any other questions :thinking:

Hi @RodTucker Thanks for making the switch to Bulb, we should be able to resolve your access issue.

My colleague has responded to your email now and you should be able to log into your Bulb Account. Please reply to the email if you still have trouble logging in

I have two installed smart meters for both electric and gas. My electricity meter has never been ‘smart’ and have always had to submit meter readings. Since April manual readings I have submitted haven’t been registered on my account. I even spoke to Bulb online chat who said they had submitted the reading I gave to them but this hasn’t shown on my account either. I’m worried my account bill will go haywire like it did before Christmas where over £1000 was added to my usage when I live by myself in a 2 bed semi. Any help to resolve this issue finally would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @danzelly I can see the issue we’ve been having in getting the smart reads added to your account. There’s an error with the way the smart meter itself is logged on the national metering database. I’ve fixed this now and we should be able to start receiving automatic reads from your electricity meter. I’ll email you once the account is fully updated and corrected

Many thanks for your help Matthew

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Hey @Matthew_W_at_Bulb :wave:

Thank you for your help! My old provider confirmed that my electricity account has been terminated but says that my gas account is still active with them

Could you please check if the switch has completed and why my old account is still active?

Hey @ndrw. I have just checked the gas national database (called Xoserve) and we are definitely your current supplier. I’d advise getting in touch with your previous supplier to ask them to amend their records to reflect this :+1: