Issue when trying to report posts.

When trying to report a post, this occurs (on submission):

Data too long for column ‘Name’ at row 1|Gdn_Database|Query|insert GDN_Discussion (InsertUserID, UpdateUserID, CategoryID, Name, Body, Format, CountComments, DateInserted, DateUpdated, DateLastComment) values (:InsertUserID, :UpdateUserID, :CategoryID, :Name, :Body, :Format, :CountComments, :DateInserted, :DateUpdated, :DateLastComment)

Some of the recent spam posts exhibited this issue.

Yep, same here.

Not relevent to the problem, but…
It’s considered bad practice in software development for error messages like this to leak information to the public about the internal structure of you system. Releasing the actual SQL into a public error message could give hackers an insight into how to hack your system.

@MartinR, from what I hear, the HTML allowed in the comment field also enables more things than it should.

I really hope they do decide to switch to Discourse.

Hey @mowcius I’m having trouble recreating this. Do you know which specific posts you were trying to report and what time you were trying to report them. It could be that you tried to report them after I’d removed them.

Good point on the error message. Not only should we not show SQL, but they should be actually helpful to the person that is shown them. I’ll see what we can do about them.

On the HTML, what specifically is enabled that shouldn’t be? Scripts, iframes and other potentially abusable features are already removed.

@“Will at Bulb”, the posts had definitely still not been removed when I tried to report them.

Obviously now they’ve gone so I can’t recreate the issue either!

The other referral link post that I had issues with in the past I also now cannot find/remember (but I may have just reported a load again while trying).

EDIT: Aha! The latest spam (16:11) from rahu0123 exhibits this issue.
I’m guessing from the error that “Name” is the thread name so threads with really long titles will exhibit this issue?
The title is 96 characters long (including some special characters that may become larger in your database?).
The other spam currently around has a title length of is 84 characters.

Time wise, I tried a few times, the last being shortly before I made the thread.

On the HTML, what specifically is enabled that shouldn't be? Scripts, iframes and other potentially abusable features are already removed.
I'll ask my friend what he found while messing around.

Confirmed here too.
Error when flagging 4:11pm post but not when flagging 4:13pm post.

Bingo, thanks I’m able to recreate it now.