Issue with accounts

Hi bulb staff. if you haven’t noticed yet, new accounts are being forced onto the community page. this seems like a really urgent issue that needs to be fixed ASAP, as people are unable to change essential things like payment settings. are you aware/working on the issue? @Lou_at_Bulb @Matthew_W_at_Bulb

It would appear that bulb C/S are treating EVERY weekend as a bank holiday.
This is an issue that has been ongoing for over a year and bulb seem unable to rectify it.
Originally only affected returning customers, but the “virus” now seems to be spreading among new customers with alarming frequency

Thank you @izzyhunt for flagging this. :zap:

I have reported this now to our tech team so we can get this sorted.

I’m finding it harder and harder to recommend bulb, unfortunately. From there absolutely useless and unreliable backend to there poor email support. Thew final nail in the coffin for me is the astonishing rate that complaints are increasing by(

won’t surprise me if that information disappears of the website soon.

Yes, they seem to be on the wax rather than the wane, can’t all be customers that don’t bother to send in meter readings surely.

Izzy’s picture is taken of content on Bulb Complaints (scroll down to “Reporting on Complaints at Bulb”)

I agree that those numbers are not encouraging at first glance, but (as so often) the devil is in the detail.

That the raw number of complaints is up substantially is not a good sign.

However, possibly more important than the raw quantities are the resolution rates - while the improved 8 week figure of 97% is looking fairly respectable, the 28% 1-working-day rate is poor (though an improvement on the god-awful 19% figure in 19Q4 and 20Q1!).

The key question at this point is are the numbers going to start to fall and the resolution rates improve in Q3 and Q4, or have Bulb actually lost the plot entirely.

I wonder if any other energy suppliers publish this information, and if so, what their numbers look like?

Ah, found a few:

British Gas: Complaints Performance
ScottishPower: Complaints Performance
NPower: Complaints Performance
EON Energy: Complaints Reports
SSE: Quarterly Complaints Performance (PDF)
EDF Energy: Complaints Performance

After looking over those suppliers’ numbers, the overall conclusion is that while Bulb are currently pretty poor at resolving complaints quickly, ultimately (within 8 weeks) they are sorting out more of their complaints than any of the “big 6”.

Given that they’re all publishing this information, it seems likely that they’re obliged to do so, and therefore I think your assertion unlikely.

I’m having the same issue trying to login from last week the app is down as well consistently saying under maintenance really annoying bulb people shall get this sorted ASAP

Hi @Sannah

Welcome to the Bulb community, I’m sorry your first post was reporting these issues.

You should be able to login to your account no problems through a desktop/laptop, but will report the problems you’ve had with the app to our tech team now.

However, if you look at every one of those (haven’t looked at sse), you will see that complaints/1000 accounts have gone down since Q1, unlike bulb. ultimately, no complaint opened in the first place is what we’re looking for, not an 8 week time to get things resolved. I really am trying to support bulb with all the great things they do, but christ.
Will have to see how bulb do in Q3.