Issue with entering Meter Readings

Hi Everyone,

I’ve just switched to bulb and I’ve been getting emails from them for like a week asking me for a meter reading, but when I log into my account the only option it gives is for me to “Go to community”. I can’t seem to find a button to submit meter readings. Anyone else got this same issue? A bit frustrating.


Ongoing problem I’m afraid to say.

Fingers crossed for you, Bulb will pick up you post on this forum and send you the necessary details to point your to your account. If you check some threads on this forum for say the last two days you will see this is a known problem, which Bulb at present seem unable to provide a permanent fix.

Thanks for letting me know! I’ll do that now whilst waiting for a response…

Bit of a long shot - are you able to try another browser? I had an issue with some online bank functionality yesterday and a call to their CS [which ended up with IT] suggested this and a
change of browser solved the problem. Might be worth a go. R-

Does your account page not have an email not have a button under password that says “email me a link to sign in” unlike bulb this respond instantly. Or have tried this?
sometimes works after 3-4 goes

Thanks for your reply. Tried it - sadly no luck!

I rang them - had to wait in the line for 1 minute - the issue was sorted in 1 second! :slight_smile:

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At least the phones appear to be sorted lets hope the rest of the problems follow suit
Glad you were sorted