Issue with my meter readings in the app/website


So I tried to submit meter readings yesterday via the app but kept getting error messages saying to try again, the same happened when I tried for the website. I didn’t get a successful message but later in the evening, I received a bunch of emails saying thank you for submitting the readings.

However now when I look in the app it shows my submitting readings but they are shown in the opposite order than the readings my smart meter submitted. So I am concerned they have somehow been swapped over in the app.

If I try to submit another manual reading it shows the readings in the correct place. Can anyone help check whether the readings have gone through okay.



Edit: Just checked the readings on the website and that is showing as they are correct. Just looks like an issue with the app itself.

No one at bulb cares they just want to submit you an over inflated bill, or tell you your in debt, your email address isnt registered and what ever else they can come up with to make a simple process extremely hard and frustrating

Hi @mattb1983,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I have taken a look at your account to double-check the readings and they all look correct.

If at any point in the future they do end up flipped we are able to assist to make sure the billing is correct.

– KT :bulb: