Issue with storing password

I use windows 10 and Microsoft edge - my issue is edge does not offer to save my password when I log in, but only from the Bulb log in screen.
it offers to save passwords from all and any website I use but not from Bulb. Perplexing any ideas welcome

what is wrong with saving it from there? same difference

I don’t understand what you mean can you please clarify

I also use edge, but the new edge chrome, but once I save it it stays saved, Iju7st go to the bulb site and it logs me in auto matically

I find bulbs login does not work on my mobile or tablet due to the password entry being on a separate page to the username. Once logged in it stays logged in for a few random days likely to be cookies.

May I suggest that you use Firefox,it will store ALL your log in details,and synchronise them on ALL your devices,I also have AdBlock Plus (use EXACT words) on my Firefox stuff,I have been using it maybe 18 years,on maybe 8 laptops,three tablets,four mobile phones,one smart TV,and one andoid TV smart box,ALL is GOOD with Firefox,all always in sync with each other.hth,Regards,Ray

thanks I was unaware of edge chrome, I have downloaded and installed it and it has fixed the problem. Much appreciated

thanks problem now solved see reply to skippy64

thanks problem now resolved see reply to skippy64

No worries didn’t realize you were on mobile I use edge on Ltop as well as mobile :upside_down_face: