Issues accessing account

I am having what seems to be a common issue as a new customer and cannot log in anywhere except the community hub.
Can anyone help .

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I am also having this problem app says it’s done for maintenance and website just takes me here with no option to top up

@Mhiggins164 @Danielle

Hey guys - Welcome to Community!!

I can’t find either accounts with the email addresses you are registered on community with. I’ve sent you through a DM to double check your details. Please could you respond and i’ll be able to look into this further for both of you.

– Daisy


Have you been able to access your Bulb account on a computer/ laptop? I’ve just logged into your account and it gives me the option to top up, so would you be able to try this here.

Is the app still coming up with the same error today - down for maintenance?

All the best,

All sorted now thankyou, is it possible to request a top up card to be sent out of possible and also could I ask if you have any information about what date my gas will switch over?
Mathew Higgins

Glad to hear it Mathew :raised_hands:

I can see we sent a PAN card out for your electricity on the 8th of July. Please keep an eye out for this and let us know if it doesn’t turn up soon.
Your gas account looks to have been cancelled after a rejection. Would you like me to go ahead and reapply for this now?

– Daisy

Hi @Mhiggins164 :wave:

I can see we posted a card out on 8th July. If this hasn’t arrived in the next few days, please let us know so we can request another.

Regarding the gas, did you select dual fuel when you signed up? If there has been an error here, we can send you an email to get all the details to switch the gas.