Issues when submitting meter readings use Bulb app

Hi everyone. This is my first post and I wondered if anyone else has had the same difficulties when submitting readings using the Bulb app.

My next door neighbour submit their readings at the end of every month using the Bulb app on their i-Pad. They have been able to enter and submit their Gas usage without issue. However, when they try to submit the Electric reading the “send box” always remains greyed out. The information is then re-entered for a second time and “sent” again, this time confirmation is received that it has gone.

Their usage is unusually high compared to my own (we have identical properties but they have one less family member) and upon examination of their monthly bills it shows that they have been billed for Electricity twice. That indicates that the first Electric reading submission had in fact gone through to Bulbs servers and that was the reason for the bill showing identical readings twice and billed accordingly.

I was just wondering whether this is an issue exclusive to them or have other Bulb customers experienced this issue too when using the Bulb app.

Thanks in advance

RV 1

I can’t fathom out why they would be billed twice for electricity,. When the monthly bill is produced Bulb would use the latter of the two reading readings to work out the bill, this is assuming the reading is supplied within a couple of the bill preparation.

Thanks Allanr for the reply.

I’ve checked their bill and it clearly shows 2 charges both of the same amount for electricity Reading (1) and Reading (2). But what I was really wondering was whether the ability to enter your meter readings was as experienced by them, ie. that when you enter a reading and press the send button and that the button remains greyed out. But it seems that the Bulb servers do indeed receive the update but the system fails to notify you of your success.

The computer algorithm clearly doesn’t recognise the duplication and according to Bulb themselves they are investigating this anomaly to try and find out what is going wrong.

Until today,I could submit meter readings on the app and PC. Now that option has gone! It’s beyond a joke now!