Issues with estimated readings


Getting an issue with estimates almost always overshooting by largish margins month to month and then moaning and asking me to adjust payments upwards even though when I submit a real reading I’m in credit.

I think it was caused by a large month in summer due to aircon being on so we used more than the estimate for electricity so now it believes we will use that every month despite it now being winter. It also every single month over-estimates gas usage, I’d have expected it to adjust to track our actual usage much better in the year I’ve been with bulb.

Is there any way to stop the aircon from blowing out the estimates next year?


I’m not totally clear if you submit meter readings each month, ideally when you receive the monthly email reminders from Bulb?

Its clear bulb have a policy that advised payments are always excessive, unfortunately the only solution is to work out what is correct yourself then phone them and tell hem to set that amount!

Haven’t recieved an email reminder for last 3 months. Not even received this months. They have gone down hill very quickly from being top of the club to being nearly relegated

It is quite clear to me but perhaps not to everyone if you submit regular monthly meter readings and check your statements each month to make sure the readings have been taken into account then there will be no surprises about direct debit payments and going into large credit or debit situations.

It may possible not be suitable for everyone but I have set an alarm on my PC calender to warn me my meter readings are due, hence whilst it is useful to have the email reminder I can happily work without it.

Hi @Timm,

I’ve responded to this, in this thread: No Meter Readings Reminder Again