Issues with transferring supply and double payments

Hi Bulb,

As you are aware from our frequent communication, we have been having awful issues with our Dual energy supply transfer. Both yourself and SSE are feigning responsibility. We were informed by yourself that gas and electricity had transferred successfully on 5th September, when we made our first payment to Bulb.
Then we continued receiving letters from SSE saying we had outstanding payments with them, ending Oct '18. The electricity had transferred successfully, but SSE were still claiming responsibility as our gas suppliers. This is costing us a fortune!

You did refund/add credit to my account but this was not enough to cover the outstanding balance to SSE.
SSE have confirmed the only time you have requested switchover for gas supply has been 19th December and 7th January, both of which were blocked because the balance was still outstanding with them.

But according to them there was no request for supply in September, as there was for electricity.

As a result from all of this, SSE will be sending us a further bill from gas supply used Oct '18 onwards, while we have still been paying £49ish per month for Dual Energy supply with yourselves!

Severely dissatisfied both with SSE and yourselves, this has not been an easy process at all.

Please can your team help put this right, as I would like to stay with Bulb if this is resolved.


I’m not sure if you are aware this is a Community forum for customers although Bulb team members do sometimes pick up and respond to issues… If you have a specific issue with your transfer it would be best dealt directly with the Bulb team as none of us fellow customers can give a definitive answer to your present difficulties.

If you would like to contact the Bulb team direct, you will find their contact details on the Help Page, please click the Help button at the top of this page.

Hope it gets sorted out for you?

Thank you for clarifying that!
I have not used the community forums before, so I guess I got confused with how it works

I shall send this directly to Bulb asap.
Thanks, I hope so too!