It looks like you have a prepayment meter... but I don't


When I try to sign up it says my address is on a prepayment meter but it’s not. I know you guys get the details from a national database but is there anything you can do to correct this? If so, how long would you expect it to take?

Hi @rlindsey2, if you give them a ring tomorrow (0300 30 30 635) armed with the serial number off your meter(s), they should be able to sort this out for you.
Once they’ve got the correct information on your meter, there shouldn’t be any further delays with getting your supply switched over.

I’d also recommend getting a photo of both meters as they may ask you to email a photo if anything’s not clear.

Hi @rlindsey2, I hope you’ve managed to get this sorted. If not, it may be that the national database hasn’t been updated to reflect that you have a credit meter.

Unfortunately, we cannot alter the national database for you. If you request that your current supplier updates the database to show that you have a credit meter, we’ll then be able to sign you up without issues!