It's time to switch away from Bulb

Hi everyone. I just wanted to share some feedback on my life with Bulb. I consider myself as a quite loyal customer. I’ve been with Bulb for more than 3 years now. I would like point out that the idea of affordable renewable energy is great and you can actually see the market moving in that direction and I think Bulb deserves a good amount of credit for being one of the first to offer this.

When I was living at my previous property I had no issues whatsoever - I had gas and electricity supplied, direct debit was automatically taken from my bank account and the life was great, at that point I would’ve recommended Bulb to anyone seeking for a new supplier. It was simply that good.

However my experience with Bulb has worsened with me moving to another property where I was surprised with a prepayment electricity meter which is on its own is designed to make your life miserable regardless of your electricity supplier (£50 top-up cap, cash only, have to go to convenience store to top-up which doesn’t sound like a great idea by today’s pandemic standards).

I’ve got in touch with Bulb regarding the new meter but unfortunately 2020 came in and everything was set on pause including smart meters installations. When all the things started to settle down and installations continued I didn’t actually rushed in to ask for a new appointment, I waited till September trying to be more considerable - I am sure there are plenty of people who needed it more than me. I reached Bulb again in September and secured an appointment for November, 4th (2 month wait but I was already waiting for over 9 months so it is ok I thought at a time).

I was really thrilled on November, 4th to see my engineer not turning up in my designated slot. Surely he was redirected to someone who had more pressing matters - I fully understand that. To make it to this appointment I had to fly across the Europe and time it so that I could be out of mandatory 2 week self-isolation before the appointment date comes, but it turned out that I could’ve stayed where I was at a time. I have received a compensation from Bulb for this misdeed appointment which is something positive.

Well, today is November, 30th and till this day I don’t have a new appointment date after contacting customer support 5 times. So after all of this I will be switching to a different provider to see if someone else could be taking a better care of their customers.

P.s I am sure Siemens engineers are widely available, its very likely down to the fact that Bulb gets a very low quota on their bookings some of which are not fulfilled so switching to a bigger provider could be a viable solution for me. Also I didn’t need a smart meter - I am ok with any sort of credit meter but Bulb isn’t installing any other meters at this time.

Hi @markelz0r,

Firstly I’d like to start of by welcoming you to our Community page! :wave:

I am so glad to hear that you had been enjoying your time with us prior to the events of 2020. It has indeed been quite a rocky year for many but we aim to continue delivering the best service possible at all times no matter the circumstances! Because of this, I’m very sorry to hear of the unfortunate events that took place with regards to your smart meter installation.

Our booking systems are controlled by the appointments that our installing partners, Siemens, have available. It is also based on your location, as some areas tend to have closer engineers than others. These are just some of the factors that can affect our appointment availability. This being said, I am keen to look into this for you and see what I can do.

I have sent you an email now asking for a bit more information. Once you are able to respond to this email, please do, and I will check our booking system again for you to see if our appointment availability has been updated.

I hope to hear back from you,

Best wishes,

Hi @Diana_at_Bulb,

Thank you for your reply.

I totally understand that you are fully dependent on Siemens regarding smart meter installations. My main complaint isn’t that you can’t get me sooner appointment. My main problem is that you couldn’t book any appointment on any date (even if it means waiting for several months) for nearly a month now which sounds more like a customer support communication issue rather than engineer availability. Even if this was totally their fault - I am sure you have ways to communicate the fact that their failed installations (browsing this forum revealed that I am not the first and probably not the last person to have this issue) are damaging your business and reputation.

Posting an update on my meter installation drama

@Diana_at_Bulb was very helpful and was able to source me an appointment for today which was sooner than an average waiting time it seems. We carefully went through all the things, double checking that I got the right meter that could be actually replaced. Appointment had a not notifying Siemens that I have already had one failed installation.

I crossed my fingers that this time it must work, but it didn’t. Same thing, engineer didn’t show up and nobody knows why. No calls, no emails.

I also learned today that Bulb has no way of contacting Siemens so should anything go wrong it will just automatically means failed installation, wasted time for everyone and another 4 weeks of waiting. Splendid!

So at the moment I am off to my 3rd attempt to win this lottery in January, surely the chances are quite close to those you can buy at your local convenience store.

P.s. The only reason I gave it a third go is just because I am not around on Christmas and it makes no difference for me, I will have to keep struggling with Prepayment meter for another month at least anyway

Hi @markelz0r,

Thanks for the update! I’m glad @Diana_at_Bulb has been able to help with your meter exchange. Let us know how that goes and if you need anything else from us. :smile: