I've built up a huge balance... Can I start reducing this now please?

Hi Support

I’ve been with Bulb since October 2016 and therefore have successfully been through a Winter and yet still I’ve built a rather large balance… even though I’ve been manually reducing my payments every month, I’ve hit a low limit of £64 which I can’t get any lower… I was hoping that the Machine Learning that you employ would have worked out by now that this is high and automatically reduced it but sadly no :frowning:

Is there any chance we can get this reduced please?



Hi John,

Absolutely we can! We would much rather you had that cash back in your bank than sitting in ours. I’ve amended your payment and a large refund is winging its way back over to you as we speak. I’ve dropped the exact amounts in an email so you know what to expect :slight_smile:

Keep up the green legend work!