I've got £150 joining bonus but Bulb it's still charging me a fixed amount


I’ve referred few people to Bulb and they opened an account, resulting in £150 total bonus.

I was expecting to don’t pay the bills for a about 3 months as my automatic payment is of about £50,
but they are still billing me the same amount. What can I do?


Contact Bulb and they will sort it for you.

@caterpillar, unless you specifically request something different, the credit just remains in your account.

You can either request that it is used instead of your standard direct debit payments for a few months, or you can just request a lump amount to be transferred to your bank account.

@caterpillar the main man @mowcius is right again!

We don’t automatically stop payments if there is account credit, this is due to the credits usually being a buffer against high winter bills. We can pause payments, or offer you credit refunds if you’d like!