I've got an email of "working on cancelling your switch" which I have never done.

Hi There,

I’ve received an email that I cancelled my bulb and they are “working on cancelling your switch”.
I also found that the meter reading submit which I didn’t do.

Is that someone accessing to my account? How come that could happen? otherwise, why do I receive these emails?
I already sent my inquries to Bulb sent a WRONG response as below.

"Can I cancel my switch to Bulb?
In a word, yes.

Whilst we hate goodbyes, we make it super easy for you to cancel your switch.

If you’re in the first 14 days of your switch, otherwise known as the cooling-off period, you can cancel your switch in your Bulb Account.

If the cooling-off period has finished, we’ll start supplying you on your switch date, but you can leave us for another supplier at any time after this."

Quite disappointed at how Bulb takes customers’ inquiries.

Thank you,