I've made a payment to Bulb and my previous supplier in one month. What should I do?

I’ve received a bill from my previous supplier having already made my first payment to bulb and there’s an overlap on dates. What do I do?

Hi @3092_Kirsty ,

Bulb operate a ‘payment in advance’ system ( see https://help.bulb.co.uk/hc/en-us/articles/115001227451-When-is-my-first-payment- ) so the payment you made to Bulb is to pay for the energy you are predicted to use during the forhcoming month.

Most other providers operate a ‘in arrears’ system so you pay them for the energy you used in the previous month.

Therefore for all new customers, there is a month ‘overlap’ where you ‘appear’ to be paying for the same month twice (as two payments within the same month) but you aren’t really - and when you eventually leave Bulb, you’ll have any credit in the account automatically refunded.

Bulb operates in this way as it allows them to purchase the energy in advance at a lower price and pass the savings on. It should have been detailed during the signup flow and your welcome email.

Hi there @3092_Kirsty as RichyB says our up front payment system is different to the ‘in arrears’ payments many suppliers take. If that isn’t the issue though, and there is definitely an overlap, then fire us over a copy of that bill on help@bulb.co.uk and we’ll see what’s going on for you